Two towns. Together!

The sister cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven impress visitors with glimpses into fascinating worlds of knowledge, unusual views of maritime and historic attractions and visionary art and culture. Together they form Germany’s smallest federal state, but they are giants in terms of innovation and quality of life. The historic and maritime diversity of Bremen and Bremerhaven beckons. Wonder at the beauty of Bremen’s market square with the Bremen town hall (Rathaus), which together with the famous statue by Roland, has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2004. Stroll through the old town and get to know the Hanseatic city in the footsteps of the Town Musicians. Or let the wind blow through your hair and explore the maritime city of Bremerhaven. Fascinating exhibitions in the harbour areas and impressive docks will soothe your wanderlust. Whether on dry land or on water: Dare to discover!

Successful tourism development requires good strategic partnership between private and public sector decision-makers as well as service providers. Thanks to the public sector boundary conditions and the private investments put in place in the past - based on the tourism concept Land Bremen 2015, prepared in 2005 - together we have succeeded in positioning our Land Bremen successfully within the competitive environment and increasing the tourist activity of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. The State Tourism Strategy 2025 is the basis of further tourism development.