Bremer Touristik-Zentrale
Findorffstrasse 105, D-28215 Bremen
Telefon Bremen
+49 (0)421 / 30 800 75
Telefon Bremerhaven
+49 (0)471 / 8 09 36 176
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten am Marktplatz
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Bremen & Bremerhaven

Welcome to Bremen, a modern city state that offers a perfect blend of heritage and cosmopolitan style.

Two cities – one state. The sister cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven have so much to offer visitors. You can broaden your horizons at the knowledge worlds, discover unusual insights at maritime and historical attractions, and enjoy a wealth of art and culture. Together Bremen and Bremerhaven form Germany’s smallest federal state, yet they are bigger than most when it comes to innovation and quality of life.
Bremen and Bremerhaven are steeped in history and maritime flair. You will be amazed by the splendour of Bremen’s market square with the town hall, which together with the Roland statue has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004. Take a stroll around the old quarter and discover the Hanseatic city on the trail of the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Or feel the sea breeze in your hair as you explore the port city of Bremerhaven. Captivating exhibitions in the Harbour Worlds complex and the impressive port will bring the allure of distant lands closer. So, whether on land or on water, a visit here is sure to be a memorable one.
Bremen and Bremerhaven’s complete offering for coach travel operators, tour operators and travel agents can be found in our easy-to-use online planner for group trips. You will find all prices and information here, for example on upcoming events, the arts and entertainment scene, places of interest and services for coach travel operators.

Bremen + Bremerhaven: Made of Stars!