Bremer Touristik-Zentrale
Findorffstrasse 105, D-28215 Bremen
Telefon Bremen
+49 (0)421 / 30 800 75
Telefon Bremerhaven
+49 (0)471 / 8 09 36 176
Kino bei Airbus in Bremen

Jonas Ginter / BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

Bremen films

We have put together a collection of the best video clips from and about Bremen.

Whistlestop tours and city portraits bring the area to life in an interesting and colourful way. These visual journeys of Bremen will give you a taste of the city – you can almost smell the freshly brewed Beck’s beer as you stroll past the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. The fresh North Sea breeze and the views over the world’s longest continuous tidal quay are sure to give you the travel bug, and provide an initial impression of the diversity of the two cities.

Have we whetted your appetite?
Then why not browse through our selection – you can find further clips on our YouTube channel.

Film Bremen, Made of Stars
Film Two unique places - one heart
Film Schnoorviertel Bremen

Wüstestätte im Bremer Schnoorviertel

Bremen at a glance

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Beratung in der Tourist-Information am Marktplatz

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Stadtführung auf dem Marktplatz

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Bremen von oben - Luftaufnahme

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